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Upgrade your bandana with a Bandana Extender! Bandana Extenders add 1” - 2” (inches) to the adjustable size range. I D E A L F O R: • Bandanas that are a bit too snug • Shared accessories • Growing pups • Accessorizing over sweaters and coats • Leaving extra room for correction collars • Gift purchases if you aren’t sure of the size • Dogs with short legs (keeps the bandana length on the front of the body shorter while adding inches around the neck) Unlike adding a 3rd snap, which gives you a *wider* but not *larger* size range, E X A M P L E: Add an Extender to a Large Bandana • Size Range as Listed: 16" - 19" • Size Range Extender: 16" - 21" The bandana extender will increase total maximum size range of the bandana by 1" - 2" H O W T O W E A R I T: Secure the snaps of the extender onto the snaps on the bandana and adjust until you get the perfect fit! D E S I G N F E A T U R E S • Provides additional 1” - 2” • Approximately 3” long x .75” wide • Snaps are set .5” in from the sides • 100% cotton fabric (prewashed) • Handmade durable design • Machine washable • Easy-to-secure metal snaps • Compatible with bandana snaps C O L O R S Check listing images for options. Leave your style number or indicate which bandana you'd like it to match as a note to seller!